Italy in one region

Although not so well known as Tuscany or Umbria, Le Marche, the only region of Italy in the plural, extend in the north from a short way south of Rimini as the end of the Emiglia Romana to San Benedetto del Tronto in the south to the Abruzzi mountains.Tuscany and Umbria are on the western border.

The capital and best known town of Le Marche is Ancona with its large port.

The narrow coastal strip is heavily populated and here are all the traffic routes but also wonderful sandy beaches where mainly Italian tourists bustle in the summer. The beach has also been protected from the building transgressions of other tourist centres and makes a natural and cosy impression.

A few kilometres inland is the beginning of the hilly landscape which distinguishes the largest part of Le Marche. It is an agricultural area: vineyards and olive groves set their stamp on a region with medieval towns and lonely farmyards. Again and again one sees the "calanchi", steep indentations in the countryside.

In this region there are the majority of our properties for sale. Here the prices are lower than right on the coast, life is more "Italian" and one can enjoy the wonderful peace and quiet. Our houses are not more than 20 minutes from the beach by car. A large part of the beach is free to use, simply put your deckchair and sunshade into the car and enjoy a few hours by the sea. Bathing season in Le Marche is from mid-June to mid-September, but even in August, the traditional holiday month in Italy, it is always possible to find a place to relax.

When all the tourists return home in the autumn you have the whole beach to yourself you can go on a cycling tour on one of the numerous cycle tracks or go for long walks right near the beach or in summer visit one of the many "sagra", as described earlier in "Life in Le Marche".

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