The winter in Le Marche

Life in Le Marche - Winter.

You will probably think he has left something out. True, I have postponed autumn, not because it is uninteresting in Italy and especially in Le Marche. On the contrary, countless viewing appointments of our house and property in Le Marche have simply let autumn pass by quickly.

First of all, as far as winter is concerned we do not sit outside in December on the patio in our bathing costumes. Anybody who knows Italy only from the summer holidays will surely believe this. But here also we have distinctly defined seasons. It certainly never gets so cold as in the north and the amount of snow is limited. When it really snows on the hills of Le Marche the splendid sight remains two days and has suddenly disappeared as quickly as it has arrived. Temperatures below zero are rare. At the most in February minus 2 in the night. After years in Italy I do the same as the Italians; when the temperature goes below minus 15 I fetch my winter coat ;-)

What we in Germany regard as the quiet Advent and Christmas period is not so prevalent here as this romantic period is rather a German invention. Italians are pleasantly practical.

The 24th December is "vigilia" and the actual Christmas celebration is on the 25th. Apart from the presents everything revolves around, yes, correct: eating well! The family comes together from far and wide, Being together with family and friends is extremely important which continues close behind at the New Year. The lucky colour for the New Year is red. What also brings luck and above all prosperity is eating lentils. Therefore lentils must not be absent from the New Year's Eve meal in Le Marche as in the whole of Italy.

For anybody who thinks rather of skiing in winter there are numerous ski slopes in less than 100 metres away. Of course business with houses and property in winter in Le Marche slackens a little but we find sufficient time for those who are interested even if there are not so many so that they can test next winter whether the truth has been written here. ;-)

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