Rustico with good room layout and a big ground

Our Grigio seems a little grey if you just look at it form outside. But it is worth a closer look.

With only a little work for completing it will give a good account of itself.

The Grigio is solid, has a good room layout and the first floor ist ready to move into.

You like to have a lot of land ? With olive trees ? All included.

If not you can save some money, buy some color and the Grigio will become a Rosso.

In short

Space : ca. 150 sqm

Lot Size : 400.000 sqm

Stage of construction : first floor ready to move in

Opening up land : fully opened

Distance neighbor : 100 m

Distance next town : 1 km

Distance sea : 22 km

Price : 180.000,-- GBP - 4 HA, 160.000 - 1000 sqm

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